Interesting title but thinking about there is no better way to put it.

How it started? Four years ago in an open relationship with my first real “boyfriend”, I started getting lonely especially when I found out he had gotten back together with his ex. God I was angry but I was in love with him, however still lonely. So one nice Saturday afternoon on my way to extra lessons, a young man I had a history with, gave me a drive to the location of my class. On the way we started to talk where he shared with me his feelings for me from we have met, and we agreed on meeting later on in the day. Fast forward to that Saturday evening, there we were chilling then before we know it one thing led to the next. Not a proud moment since I did feel bad about hurting someone I actually loved but hey he hurt me first (not that it justifies anything). So that relationship went with the wind.

Couple months later me and Mr. Samms decided that we enjoyed our first time so much we wanted to keep doing “it”, however I wasn’t looking for a relationship so it was a friends with benefit type relationship for 2 years or so. Then after all that time he asked me to be his girlfriend once more. I recognized that we had was pretty good so, my answer, a yes. However here comes the but, the bomb, he is married! I was in total shock that all these years I never figured that out. I was so conflicted with my feelings after that shocker.

The good thing about the time I got that news was that he was leaving for New York and I was going away to college in a few months. Had sometime to really think about things. But at the end of the day my feelings for him were stronger than I initially thought. So after a 7 month break (well technically still in a relationship with him) I decided that I really do not want leave him. So today we are still together and yes he is still married. No, I do not want him to leave his wife. I just don’t have my feelings fully invested in him.

Look at it this way, I don’t ever want to be the one to break up a family, and who said he would leave his family for me? I don’t think so. In the future I want my own family and I don’t want to start that with someone who has one already. Get my point. Although still a  HOME WRECKER. Hey if you have had the life I had, I don’t think you want to lose someone who cares about you just because he has someone else.

So there you have it, a short story about how I became a “side-liner” to a married man. And no I don’t think I will ever tell all the details.

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